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JUST Admission Circular, Requirements & Marks Distribution 2019-20

JUST Admission Circular, Requirements & Marks Distribution 2019-20: JUST Admission Circular 2019-20 Jessore University of Science & Technology Admission Authority has been published through their Official Website. This Admission Circular has been decided and Declared by the Admission Authority of JUST. To know details information about JUST Admission Circular, Seat Plan & Result 2019-20, you should need to download the Admission Circular.

JUST Admission Circular, Requirements & Marks Distribution 2019-20

Jessore Science and Technology University (JUST) has been declared their Honours 1st year admission notice through their official website. According to their admission test notice, they are arranged their admission test 2019-20 —– October 2019. Their admission programs offer the applicant for 4 graduation degrees with 4 years duration graduation (Honour’s or engineering), 5 years duration B Farm (professional), 5 years duration Physical Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (professional).

Jessore Science and Technology University (JUST) admission authority has been published their admission circular at —- September 2019. Applicants can apply for their admission test from —– September 2019 and it will be continued until —— September 2019. So, let’s see the details about JUST Admission Circular 2019-20.

JUST Admission Test Circular 2019-20 Jessore Science and Technology University

Jessore Science & Technology University (JUST) Admission Authority has been published admission test circular through their website. Here you can get all information about the admission test related information like JUST admission circular 2019-20, JUST Admission Test Requirements, JUST Admission Test Dates & Times, JUST Admission Test Applying Process & others Admission related Information.

JUST Admission Test Related Dates & Times

When JUST Admission Authority has been published their admission circular where you can get all solution about admission test dates and times. So, lets go to know about JUST Admission Test Dates and Times.

Admission Test TopicsAdmission Test Dates & Times
Apply process start —- September 2019. Applying Process will from 12.00 pm.
Apply process ends —– October 2019. Applying Process Ended at night on 12.00 am.
Admit Card Available date After —– October 2019
Admission test starts —–November 2019 9.30 am and 3.30 pm.
Admission test end—– November 2019. On this day also the admission test will be held at same time. The tests also will be ended at the same time.
Result published date Probably —– November 2019.
Admitted process starts —– December 2019. It is a possible date. Not fixed yet.

Here you can get the details information about the JUST Admission Circular 2019-20. Here you can the Admission Requirement to qualify the Admission test, which units are science unit & which units are not here you can get the details information to admit the University.

JUST Admission Test Qualification & Requirements to Apply

To participate into JUST Admission Test 2019-20, every student must have some qualification. Here you can get to know about the JUST Admission Test Qualification & Requirements with Unit based.

Academic Qualification & Requirements: Before explain about the JUST Admission Test Requirements & Academic Qualification, applicants must have to be from Bangladesh. They have to be Bangladeshi citizen. Rather them NRB applicants can also apply for this Admission program.

  • SSC passing year: An applicant who have passed their SSC or equivalent exam between the year of 2016 and 2017. Only those kind of applicants can only apply for this admission program.
  • HSC passing year: Like SSC the applicants who pass HSC or equivalent exam between 2018 and 2019 can apply for this program. Those who passed before 2018 cannot apply for this program.
  • ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ level: Besides all these ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ level candidates can also apply for all units. They have to gain minimum ‘B’ Grade at 5 subjects in ‘O’ level and at 3 subjects in ‘A’ level.
  • The government approved 4-year duration Diploma terms or equivalent exam pass applicants can also apply. They also have to pass between 2018 and 2019. Otherwise they cannot apply.

Unit Wise Essential Requirement for GPA: To participate in the JUST admission, you must have academic qualification. Without academic qualification, an applicant can participate in the JUST Admission test 2019-20. They set different GPA for different units. Their also have dissimilarities for HSC groups to apply for each unit. Here are the details about requirements of each unit.

Unit NamesUnit Wise Requirements
A UnitTo apply on A unit, applicants must achieve CGPA 7.50. This is the sum of SSC & HSC or equivalent exams G.P.A.
Individually both in SSC and HSC exam, they must have GPA 3.50.
They also have to achieve minimum “A- “on Mathematics in S.S.C or equivalent exam.
In the admission test, they must have to earn 10 marks outof 25 in Mathematics. Only science background applicants can apply for this unit.
B Unit Only science background or group students can apply in this Unit.
Individually in SSC and HSC or equivalent exams, they have to achieve minimal GPA 3.50. In the sum of these two exams, they need GPA 7.50 to apply for this unit.
They also need a minimum “A- “ in Biology and Chemistry in HSC. All the marks counts including with 4th subject.
Anyone interested want to get Pharmacy subject, they also have to achieve “C” Grade in Mathematics.
Interested Applicant want to get Microbiology they must get in Chemistry and Biology they also have to achieve minimum “A- “ in English in HSC or equivalent exam.
In the admission test, they have to correct or earn a minimum of 10 marks out of 25 in Chemistry and biology.
Interested applicants for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology have to pass in Mathematics including with this subject.
Physical Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation interested applicants have to earn “A- “grade in Physics also in HSC exam.
C Unit For this unit, applicants have to achieve individually GPA 3.00 in SSC and HSC. In the sum of, they want minimal GPA 7.00 in both exams.
Those Who are interested in Environmental Science and Technology and Agro-Product Processing Technology they just have to pass in Biology and Mathematics in HSC or equivalent exam.
Interested applicants for Nutrition and Food Technology must have to pass on Biology subject in the HSC exam.
Any interested Candidates in other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics have to earn a minimum “B” grade in their individual interesting subjects.
D Unit Applicants need to gain minimal GPA 7.00 in the sum of SSC and HSC or equivalent exam.
The students who are interested in English subject they have to achieve a minimum “A- “in English in the HSC or equivalent exam.
Not only in HSC exam they also have to earn minimum of 12 marks in the admission test.
E Unit The requirement for this unit is a little bit different from other units. Applicants have to gain GPA 6.50 at least in the sum of SSC and HSC or in equivalent exams.
Individually in both exam, they need minimum GPA 3.00. 50% of total seats is reserved applicants who are from a national team or get a national medal or the players who got a medal in age-based sports.
Among of these categories applicants just need minimum 30% marks in the admission test. For other general applicants, they must need to earn 40% marks in the admission test to select.
F Unit To apply for this unit applicants need individually minimal GPA 3.50 out of GPA 5.00 in SSC, HSC or equivalent exams.
In the sum of these two-board exams, they need minimal GPA 7.50.
Most important note for this unit is every applicant have to gain minimum of 10 marks in English out of 30 in the admission test.

Bangladesh University of Professionals Faculties & Departments

Faculties NameDepartments Name
Faculty of Engineering and Technology Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)
Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME)
Chemical Engineering (ChE)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Textile Engineering (TE)
Faculty of Biological Science and Technology Microbiology(MB)
Fisheries & Marine Bioscience (FMB)
Genetic engineering & Biotechnology(GEBT)
Pharmacy( B.Pharm professional)
Faculty of Arts and Social Science English (ENG)
Faculty of Health Science Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)
Nursing Science (NS) (to be launched)
Faculty of Science Mathematics
Faculty of Business Studies Accounting & Information Systems (AIS)
Finance and Banking

JUST Subject Lists, Faculties, and Units

JUST Admission test will conduct for 6 units and a lot of departments. Under this 6 units there belongs to 26 departments or subjects. There has also 8 faculties. Let’s see the department lists of this units and subjects.

Unit Name & Faculty NamesDepartments
A Unit ( Science and Technology Faculty )In this unit admission test conducts only for one faculty & 8 departments.The departments are:

i) Computer Science and Engineering
ii) Chemical Engineering
iii) Industrial and Production Engineering
iv) Petroleum and Mining Engineering
v) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
vi) Biomedical Engineering
vii) Textile Engineering
viii) Lather Technology.
B Unit (Biology and Technology Faculty & Health Science Faculty)In this Unit Admission test conducts two faculties in this unit. They are Biology and Technology Faculty and the other is Health Science Faculty. Let’s see the subjects list under this two faculties. They are:
1) Biology and Technology Faculty
i) Microbiology
ii) Fisheries and Merino Bio science
iii) Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
iv) Pharmacy
2) Health Science Faculty
i) Physical Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
C Unit (Applied Science and Technology Faculty & Science Faculty)In this unit also consists two faculties and includes some departments. Applied Science and Technology Faculty and the other is Science Faculty. Now see the subject lists under these two faculties:

Applied Science and Technology Faculty
i) Environmental Science and Technology
ii) Nutrition and Food Technology
iii) Agro-Product Processing Technology.
Science Faculty
i) Physics
ii) Chemistry
iii) Mathematics.
D Unit (Arts and Social Science Faculty)It is also known as Arts and Social Science Faculty. There are only two subjects under this faculty. The Departments are
i) English
ii) Bangla.
E Unit (Health Science Faculty)Under this unit only one subject is available but this subject is also under Health Science Faculty. The subject is: Physical Education and Sports Science.
F Unit (Business Studies Faculty) Faculty under this unit is known as Business Studies Faculty. Only one faculty belongs to this unit and 4 subjects under this one faculty. i) Accounting and Information System ii) Management iii) Finance and Banking iv) Marketing.
JUST Admission Circular
JUST Admission Circular
JUST Admission Circular

JUST Seat Distribution

JUST Admission test has been arranged total for 915 seats. In each seat only one applicant can admitted. Unit based seats differ for each department also. In the following table I try to give a complete idea about the seat distribution according to the subjects.

It is most important to know that about the seat distribution makes based on H.S.C exam group of the applicants. Here is a important note for the applicants who are eagerly interested for F Unit. In F Unit 80% seats are reserved for Business Studies groups applicants.

As well as 12% for Science backgrounds and 8% for humanities applicants. If there is no capable applicants from Science and Humanities background than those seats will be fill up by the capable applicants of Business studies group according to their admission test marks.

JUST A Unit Total Seats and Subject list

Name of DepartmentsNumber of Seats
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)50
Chemical Engineering (ChE)40
Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME)35
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)35
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)35
Microbiology (MB)40
Pharmacy (Pham)40
Total Departments: 7Total Seats: 275

JUST B Unit Total Seats and Subject list

Name of DepartmentsNumber of Seats
Genetic engineering & Biotechnology(GEBT)40
Fisheries & Marine Bioscience (FMB)40
Total Departments: 2Total Seats: 80

JUST C Unit Total Seats and Subject list

Name of DepartmentsNumber of Seats
Mathematics & Statistics30
Nutrition & Food Technology (NFT)40
Environmental Science & Technology (EST)45
Agro Product Processing Technology (APPT)30
Total Departments: 6Total Seats: 205

JUST D, E, F Unit Total Seats and Subject list

Name of DepartmentsNumber of Seats
Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)40
BBA in Accounting and Information System (AIS)40
Total Departments: 3Total Seats: 120

As, Jessore University of Science & Technology JUST Admission Circular 2018-19 has been published through their official website. So, you can download Admission Circular From JUST Official Website & Our Website Also. Given below is for the download the Jessore University of Science & Technology JUST Admission Circular 2018-19.

Admission CircularAdmission Seat PlanAdmission Result
Download CircularDownload Seat PlanDownload Result

How to Apply for JUST Admission Test 2019-20?

Interested Candidates or students who pass from Secondary, higher secondary and technical education board have to follow the below instruction to Apply for JUST Admission Test. Follow the instruction:

  • At first, you should need to go
  • Click on the admission option.
  • You will see an admission form.
  • Fill up the form with your correct information.
  • After it submits the admission form.
  • After successful submission, you will receive an Application ID.
  • Collect the Application ID.
  • Make a print out of the document containing Application ID.
  • This application ID is needed for payment and to download the admit card.
  • After all, this attached your recent passport size color photographs. Photo dimension is maximum in 200KB, in jpg format.
  • Be careful when you are editing the photographs.
  • GCE Level (“O” and “A” level) applicants have to submit their application directly to the JUST Admission authority in a body. They also have to make Pay order or Bank Draft the admission fees.

Payment method for JUST Admission Test 2019-20

Applying candidates or applicants have to pay the application fees by DDBL Rocket service. It is a mobile banking system to pay the fees. The payment method is given below:

  • Dial *322# from DBBL mobile banking account.
  • Dial 1 to select the payment option.
  • Again dial 1 for Bill Pay option.
  • Dial 1 if it is a personal account and select Self option.
  • If others account dial 2 and select other option then go through Enter Payer Mobile NO. put your personal mobile no.
  • Put 254 in the place of entering Biller ID.
  • Put your Application ID in place of entering Bill Number.
  • In place of entering Amount put the admission fees of your applicable unit.
  • Give your Pin NO.
  • You will get a Payment Confirmation SMS.
  • Collect your Transaction ID from this SMS.
  • Application fee of each unit:
    • A Unit: – 900 BDT.
    • B Unit: – 800 BDT.
    • C Unit: – 800 BDT.
    • D Unit: – 600 BDT.
    • E Unit: – 600 BDT.
    • F Unit: – 700 BDT.

JUST Admission Test System and Marks Distribution

Admission test held on MCQ system like other universities. Applicant faced total 100 marks in their JUST admission test 2019-20. The 80 marks counted for MCQ and rest of 20 counted on the base of HSC and SSC exam GPA. S.S.C exams G.P.A x 1.9 and H.S.C exams G.P.A x 2= 20

Marks distribution:

Unit NamesMarks Distribution
A UnitEnglish -10
Physics- 25
Math -25
B UnitEnglish -10
Physics- 25
Biology – 25
C UnitEnglish -10
Physics- 25
Math+ Biology -20
D Unit Bangla – 30
English -30
General Knowledge -20
E UnitBangla -10
English -15
General Knowledge – 35
Practical -20
Games Certificate -10

JUST Admit Card & Seat Plan 2019-20

Applying Applicants can download their admit card after —- October 2019. Applicants can download their admit card using Jessore Science & Technology University Admission Authority will be informed the date of downloading admit card date through our site or press notice. They also receive message from JUST admission authority to download the admit card. If anyone lost their admit card can again print out their admit card.

Jessore Science & Technology University (JUST) Admission Seat Plan will be providing the previous night of the admission test. They will publish their seat plan through their official website at or You can visit this link. But it is very common that on that day everyone looking for the seat plan that’s why the server of the sites go slow. In this circumstance, you can download the full seat plan from our site. To download the seat plan, click on the download link to download your admission seat plan 2019-20.

Here you can download the Admission Circular to know about your Admission Test. If you want to admit Jessore University of Science & Technology, you should need to try from our best. Like as previous year, a lot of Candidate want to participate on Jessore University of Science & Technology JUST Admission Test. The Admission Circular is very important to know the Admission Test.

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